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2019 Ice Hockey Camp
During the months of January and February in 2019, a captivating Ice Hockey Camp unfolded in the picturesque region of Ladakh. Imagine the breathtaking landscapes as Japanese university student coaches imparted the exhilarating sport of ice hockey to the eager children of Ladakh. This year’s camp mirrored the delightful atmosphere of the previous one, creating yet another memorable coaching experience. For those with a fervor for ice hockey and a desire to engage in meaningful exchanges with the spirited youth of Ladakh, we extend a warm invitation. Reach out to us at Life on the Planet Ladakh, where unforgettable experiences await. Contact us at: [email protected] We eagerly anticipate the opportunity […]
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In 2018, a thrilling Ice Hockey Skills Camp unfolded amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Ladakh, thanks to the collaborative efforts of esteemed coaches from Japan, Life on the Planet Ladakh, the Snow Sports Club, and the J&K Ice Hockey Association. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Ladakh as children from this picturesque region engage in the exhilarating sport of ice hockey. For those passionate about fostering connections and sharing unforgettable moments on the ice with Ladakh’s spirited youth, reach out to Life on the Planet Ladakh at [email protected]. Your journey into the heart of Ladakh’s icy adventures awaits!   Embarking on a Ice Hockey Skills Camp Unveiled: Discovering the […]
2010 Kargil Development Camp 1
In the enchanting winter of 2010, the Kargil Development Camp unfolded its magic, hosting the Ice Hockey & Skating Learn to Play, and Referee Coaching Camp. This extraordinary event was curated by the skilled hands of Mr. James and Ms. Megan, hailed from the ice-covered realms of Canada, at the gracious invitation of the Kargil Ice & Snow Sports Club. The snowy wonderland of Palgu Chiktan in Kargil Ladakh became the canvas for their expertise, painting a picture of excitement and skill development. From January 7th to 31st in 2011, this frozen paradise witnessed a symphony of blades on ice, thanks to the dedication of these foreign maestros. As the […]
2009 Kargil Open Ice Hockey & Skating Championship 1
Presented through a dynamic partnership between the Kargil Ice & Snow Sports Club and the Student Educational & Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL), a thrilling event unfolded from January 17 to 19, 2009, in the enchanting Pargive Kargil Ladakh region of India. Immerse yourself in a celebration that seamlessly blends winter sports, educational pursuits, and cultural vibrancy against the breathtaking backdrop of Ladakh’s scenic beauty. Embarking on a Ice Hockey Unveiled: Discovering the Path to Inner Peace What is a Ice Hockey ? In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, finding inner peace can sometimes feel like a distant dream. We are constantly bombarded with stress, distractions, and […]