Lamayuru Alchi

Lamayuru Alchi


Detailed Itinerary

  • Lamayuru – Urshi , 6-7 hrs

    From the monastery , go down towards the village , cross the stream , then , gradually across a mountain – side , reach a small valley which you follow as far as the Prinkiti-La (3720m).

    Go down into a narrow gorge until reaching the village of Shilla .

    Cross the river over a bridge , then take the right bank as far as Wanla ( 2.5hrs , possible to get some supplies in 1985).

    Go along the Yapola on the left bank for another 2 hrs until reaching the village of Phenjilla after crossing the river (bridge ).

    From Phenjilla , go up a valley which goes off at right angles (north-east).

    After one hour , leave the main valley and go straight north along a stream which leads to Urshi .

    Pass the village and pitch camp close to the pass.

  • Urshi – Tar-La – Tar , 8 hrs

    From the camp , the path is well -marked but difficult until the Tar-La ( 5250m , 5hrs).

    Climbing down can pose problems for the horses , difficult mass of fallen rocks . After a 3-hrs descent , you arrive at the village of Tar

  • Tar – Mang Gyu , 4-5hrs

    From the village of Tar, the path goes up along the mountainside to a new pass , then easy descent towards Mang Gyu .

    Attractive village and interesting monastery .

    Good campsite near the stream beneath the village.

  • Mang Gyu – Gera -Alchi , 4-5hrs

    From Mang Gyu , very good path into a beautiful narrow valley.

    After 2 hrs , you reach the indus valley at the village of Gera. 

    From there , a bridge across the Indus upstream , pass Lardo ( 3hrs) , continue along the hillside until reaching the road , half an hour before Alchi.

    Guest house in Alchi .

    The monastery here contains the most beautiful wall paintings in Ladakh.


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